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KVM Elite is the full search and selection process and is ideal for Clients who are looking to completely outsource their recruitment campaign. KVM would manage the following steps on your behalf:
  • Vacancy advertising
  • Assessing suitability of applicants to be put forward to the next stage
  • Communicating and updating applicants throughout the recruitment process
  • Telephone pre-screening of all applicants
  • Face to face interviewing of successful pre-screens
  • Selecting the top 3—5 applicants
  • Arranging an interview itinerary on behalf of the Client, ideally on one day
  • Candidate interview briefing
  • Arranging second interviews if necessary
  • Communicating the outcome of the interviews
  • Candidate de-briefing and feedback sessions

  • Complete time saving process
  • One point of contact to ensure continuity and understanding of brief

The cost is a % of the first years annual salary and includes a Replacement Guarantee for the first eight weeks after the successful applicant starts work. (Please contact me for further details on the Replacement Guarantee) I would be delighted to have a discussion with you about the specifics of your recruitment campaign, please use the contacts page or call me directly on 07737 126327.
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