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KVM Lite     £750

How would you feel if you could guarantee that all the applicants to your vacancy match your job description and have the skills you are looking for? No more wasting time going through CV's that are not suitable or applicants that don't even live in the UK. If the answer is that would be fantastic, KVM Lite is for you. Your vacancy would be advertised on eight major National online Job Boards specfic to your requirements. KVM would then conduct a telephone pre-screen of each applicant measuring their experience and whether the applicant has the core skills required for the job. If the candidate matchs your requirements their CV would be emailed directly to your inbox, if the candidate does not match your requirements KVM would inform them they have been unsuccessful. Benefits: All the applicants meet the core requirements of your job description. You will not waste time dealing with applications that are unsuccessful. KVM Lite is a fraction of the cost of KVM Elite, the full Search and Selection service. You maintain control of who you interview.
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